Our vision is to improve education by identifying the best teachers in the country and providing all students access to those teachers.

Uryte.com is the nation’s first Concierge Education platform providing parents and students online access to the best public school teachers in the country. The first step requires us to determine the best teachers in the country by finding your student’s teacher and grading them using our free online survey. Teachers are then ranked by their Educator’s Grade Point Average (EGPA), an overall average of parents’ survey results.

As we gather survey results the best and brightest teachers will emerge from the shadows of public education. Uryte.com is going to hire those best and brightest teachers to provide their teaching skills to our members. Those teachers will finally start making the money they deserve, either by supplementing their income with special teaching sessions on Uryte.com or joining Uryte.com permanently as part of our Concierge Education Program.

What is Concierge Education?

Imagine an online education program that lets parents select the very best teachers in a given subject, from around the country, to teach your student the subjects they struggle with? This is the Concierge Education concept: the ability to select teachers based on their greatest strengths, to teach our students based on their greatest needs. Uryte.com identifies the best teachers in the country and provides your student the opportunity to learn from them.

Online education has become a proven method of education for thousands of public school students, saving states billions and improving the learning experience for students and parents nationwide. Our mission is to expand on this new opportunity, but unfortunately, not all teachers are created equal. Some educators are more engaging and more effective than others, and therefore better suited for the future of education. At Uryte.com our goal is to identify the best and most effective teachers in the United States, compensate them with the income they deserve and provide their online classrooms to all students.